Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tyler has a boo-boo!

I swear there is never a dull moment with these turds LOL! On 7/26 (I know, I know this blog is a tad bit on the late side LOL!). We had just gotten home from a day of baby shopping it was around 7:30 in the evening this was during the heatwave so we deceided that it was a good time for the "Brats" to play in the backyard I was showing my brother's girlfriend some new outfits we had bought for the baby & Andrew just went in for a second to get the "Brats" some fresh cold water when he heard Tyler scratching at the back door Tyler bolted in leaving a trail of blood on the carpet & into the kitchen linoleum. Andrew called for me to come check what was wrong with him. After inspection it seemed as if Tyler was bleeding from under his nail bed. We cleaned it off but couldn't stop the bleeding. After 20 min. I told him we'd better get him to the emergencey hospital. We must have been there for 2 hrs. there were so many other cats & dogs in there due to the heat. I knew one of the Vet Tech's there she told me that 4 dogs came in from heat exhaustion & had passed away...that came as a shock to me that their owners didn't have the common sense to make sure that their pets stayed cool during 100+ degree was so sad. Anyhow, the attending Vet told us that Tyler snagged his nail on something & had torn 40% of his nail causing it to bleed as it did. Luckily it wasn't enough to remove the entire nail (thank goodness). He prescibed Cephalexin some kind of analgesic & sent him on his way. I took him the following Monday to our regular Vet at All About Pets just to make sure that everything looked okay...which it was. Well that little scare ended up costing us $220. But it was well worth it...these guys are precious to us & no amount of money can replace them!