Wednesday, April 19, 2006

....Well since I lag so much happy belated Easter LOL!

Here are a few pics. from this past Sunday Enjoy!

The "Brats" with their loot:
Tyler, Buddy, Makenna & Mia
...poor Buddy was so humilated wearing the bunny ears!
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I don't think they have cuter Easter bunnies than these two.

Makenna giving the "whatever" look...she's so good at it too *shaking head*
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Mia giving me the "stink eye" again as Makenna she's good at doing it also LOL!
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& last but certainly not least a preview as to what the girls will be wearing this spring!

Makenna wearing her aqua blue dress...sorry couldn't get a decent pic. of her this time around...if that's possible LOL!
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Mia wearing her salmon pink dress...doesn't she look so sweet & shy?! although you all know that's just a front LOL!
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