Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentines Party @ Titan's Kingdom

Kingdom Monthly Gathering: My Furry Valentine's Party
When: February 12, 2006 Sunday
Time: 4:30pm - 5:30pm
Express your truly unconditional love to your Furry Valentine this year in Titan's Kingdom. Walk through the "Tunnel of Love" with your sweetheart to tell everyone that you are a perfect match!

Well of course the girls aren't ones to pass up a good outing so I dolled them up in their cute Valentines outfits, Makenna even insisted that I paint her nails LOL!
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We had no choice but to leave Buddy & Tyler home as they aren't very friendly around bigger dogs & it just so happens Titan is a Golden Retriever so that wouldn't have been such a friendly meeting.

The girls were so excited when we pulled into the parking lot they knew exactly where we were.
Makenna: Daddy hurry up & get me out of this car seat!
Mia: Mommy help me! Makenna's squishing me!
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I'm telling you Makenna has used her agility experience for evil LOL!

Ok Mia here's the plan....
Image hosting by Photobucket go that way & I'll go this way! I'm sure one of us can find a way out!
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Forget it! I'm making a break for it! I'll just jump the stupid gate!
(I caught her just as she was about to jump up again!)
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$30 in treats later. We deceided to leave....thank goodness the party was only an hour it was getting a little crowded & warm. The girls were pooped they say "A tired Boston is a good Boston" LOL!

The girls napping on the way home.
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***Fashion Must Have: Loveable Dog Tank Dresses***

Mia posing in her dress.
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