Sunday, February 19, 2006

Making Out Like Bandits

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If I haven't said it before I'll say it again...these turds are going to drive Andrew & I into the poor house! The sad part is it's our very own fault for allowing them to have whatever is they want without any second thoughts. Valentines day was no exception! They guys had a wonderful one from the extra special breakfast to the gifts...who on earth spoils their dogs this much? I have only encountered a few of the "elite" as I call them who shower their fur-babies relentlessly. In some sick envious style it's my way of keeping up with the Jones' that or I just really need an intervention pronto LOL!

Here are some pics. form Valentines day

The Brats ready to open their presents
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The "bullies" opening the presents as the boys look on
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Makenna being the "Queen Bitch" she knows she is....poor Buddy!
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A pic. of the goodies
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Andrew & I left the "Brats" with their babysitter Uncle John while we went out to dinner. If you live in the Bay Area you MUST try McCormick & Kuleto's Seafood Restaurant at Ghirardelli Square...the food is fantastic & A+ for the wonderful service!

***FASHION MUST HAVE: Kwigy-bo appareal***

Here are Makenna & Mia showing off what they've got!

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Blogger vee said...

haha, can you have your hubby convince my hubby to get lots of goodies for aston, too?! lol.... your babies are precious as ever!!

8:29 PM  

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