Friday, January 20, 2006

A Walk To Remember.....

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...or really depends on how you look at the situation LOL!

Well most of you know that I'm working on my miserable excuse of a figure...I know, I know I've let myself go for far too long...but you know how we woman are we always have something to complain about LOL!

Anyhow, back to the story...I wouldn't want you to think I was playing the "poor me" card *insert violin playing here* Well I took Makenna & Mia to Lake Elizabeth on two different occassions this week...I was sort of bored walking alone that I felt like I needed to change it up a bit...good idea...right??? NOT!

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Let's start off with Makenna...the "diva extrodinare" well I took her with me on Tuesday morning got her all gussied up in her pink Puppia harness, a pink Glamajama "Rock Star" shirt, her Makenna namesake "bling-bling" collar & pink booties...I thought to myself...she rocks! Then we were off to the park....I parked, took her out of her car seat (yes, she & Mia share a car-seat don't be so surprised, you all should know me fairly well by now!) I hooked on her yes...matching pink Puppia leash & we were off I was listening to my Ipod grooving to Jamie Cullum (he's an awesome jazz singer btw!) when I looked down at Makenna it dawned on me how REDICULOUS she looked! In other words she looked like a damn pink nightmare! Have you ever had someone say to you "yo mama dresses you funny?" well this was one of those times. I wanted to turn around, get back into the Expedition & go home...but nope didn't want to ruin the nice day & especially my walk so we pressed on you'd better believe how many stares we got... a few were nice & said the occassional "how cute" but mostly the "oh lord...crazy dog person" looks...YIKES! Mental note to myself...all pink outfits from head-to-toe = fashion overkill! I of course being the paprazzi wannabe that I am had to snap a few pictures of Makenna. Not sure if Makenna cared or not as she pranced around the lake as if she owned the place LOL! Hopefully she will forgive my fashion faux pas just this once!

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As for Mia...I swear this girl is going to be the death of me one of these days LOL! I took her on Thursday I didn't go crazy this time I just threw on her cherry tank hoodie & her namesake bling bling least she wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb right!? Anyhow flash forward to the lake everything was going fine she was struting her stuff until she spotted the blasted birds...ducks...whatever they were nesting at the side of the water splashing & quacking having a grand old time! Well I have no clue what struck a cord but she went from sweet little precious Mia into the Tazmanian Devil/Incredible Hulk! She went NUTS...she was pulling me....we're talking an 11lb. dog here people going in circles & barking auuggrrhh!!! lord, that would have been quite a sight if I fell into the lake or fell on my fat ass. I managed to pick her up & carry her halfway around the lake to where it was safe an elderly woman even asked me if something was wrong with her that she couldn't walk I simply lied & told her no she's just a little tired from the long walk (yeah, like was really going to say "the little shit is perfectly fine she almost dragged me into the lake!" LOL!).

I think that was the first & last time I will be taking any of the "brats" to the park alone. Andrew has to be with me if & when we do take them...hey, we can share the humiliation together...isn't that what marriage is all about? god only knows what antics the boys have up their sleeves if I had took them instead...which by the way will NEVER happen because I've learned my lesson...that's for sure LOL!

***Fashion must have: Fetching Tags!***
Excellent custom made tags for dogs that are a little discriminating.

Makenna's says "QUEEN BITCH"
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Blogger Ashley said...

Hilarious! I loved the great read! Your "brats" are much better behaved than Cledus is. I'm so pathetic. He is such the "boss," and he knows it. He would never wear anything for me! When we go to do "business," he pulls me wherever he wants to go. I'm a very big girl, and this 16 pulls me everywhere. I know people look at us and think I'm being ridiculous, but unless you've been owned by a Boston, you don't understand their great strength. They are very stout little animals. LOL!

6:11 PM  
Blogger Nick, Vicki & Tink said...

Your Mia is exquisite! especially in that picture! What an incredible family you have!!! (i'm from Woof!)

7:33 AM  
Blogger Bella Luna said...

I like the charm very mucch. Where did you purchase the "Princess Pee Pee?"

You love your dog as much as I do and isn't it fun to take photos and dress them?

8:56 AM  

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