Monday, January 30, 2006

femmes fa┬Ětale [French : femme, woman + fatale, deadly.]
1. A woman of great seductive charm who leads men into compromising or dangerous situations.
2. An alluring, mysterious woman.

Makenna aka "Femme Fetale Fashionista Extrodinare"
Wanted for posessing the ability to make her daddy penniless by just batting her pretty little eyes.
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Mia aka "Femme Fetale Prima Donna"
Wanted for torturing he daddy with deadly kisses till he gives into her every whim.
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Don't let their innocent looking faces fool you! Underneath it all lie possessive, scheming & manipulative vixens LOL!
I swear Makenna & Mia have their daddy wrapped around their little paws....I already have succumbed to their cuteness LOL! Andrew & I decided we'd stay in over the weekend since we heard that the rain would be coming down in the forecast & we didn't want to bother with going to the mall, grocery shopping or fighting for a parking space since we all know when the weather is dull everyone flocks to indoor shopping...funny how that is...isn't it?!
Well Saturday early afternoon we're still in our pj's watching Pirates of the Caribbean for the 100th time (Orlando Bloom & Johnny Depp...need I say more?!) as soon as the movie ends Andrew says to me "Okay this is enough let's jump in the shower, get dressed & go out...isn't there something you said was cute at Target you wanted to get the girls?" I swear I persuaded with him for a good 5 minutes that I could pick it up on Monday & he kept saying "it might not be there on Monday let's just go" I'm certainly not the one to argue with a proposal like that (especially if it has something to do with clothes LOL!) So we were off to Target. Sure enough they had the most adorable Valentines apparel for dogs....on the downside they only had everything in a small or extra small & one hoodie jacket & shoes in a medium that look like it could fit a 20lb dog. Andrew told me just to buy it all & whatever didn't fit we'd come back to exchange it...hello!? is this the same guy who when we first got "the brats" protested that dogs weren't meant to look like about puzzling! We went home tried the clothes on the girls Andrew was gushing over how cute his girls looked & asked when I was going to post a new blog with the girls modeling their new digs (I swear I thought I was hearing him wrong the entire time LOL!) The medium jacket & shoes were too big for Makenna so there was no way it would have fit Mia. So we went to 4 yes 4 different Target locations until we were able to find & exchange the items that didn't fit...Andrew seemed like a man possessed driving LOL! I was exhausted after this little excursion we went on...all for the sake of doggy fashion. LOL!
Makenna & Mia have their "monkey" trained well! He's even agreed to give me $$$ after we have our taxes done so that I can "expand" the girls wardrobe. Except he doesn't say it like that it's more like "yeah I'm sure you have "big plans" once we receive our tax refund." "Big plans" is what I call the expensive clothes & accessories that I spend on the doesn't that sound more pleasing?! I almost gave him a heart attack after he saw how much I spent on "the brats" Christmas presents. YOWZA!!!
Just for visual effect check out the "mount o' presents" "the brats" received for Christmas! The sad thing was not all of their presents arrived on time so this wasn't all of it!
Yep, that's Makenna helping herself to what she wants...what's new LOL!
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***Fashion Must Have: Von Dutch hoodies***
Makenna looking very tres chic sporting her hoodie!
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